What makes PVC bags so popular?

Time: 2018-08-06
In just the past Spring Festival, PVC gift bags, PVC bags, PVC clothing bags, EVA bags and other sales hot, PVC gift bag gifts relatives become the most used bags. What causes PVC bags so popular? Here, let PVC bag manufacturers to tell you.
1, PVC bag factory production PCA big bags, PVC bags today to become the new darling of the New Year package mainly because of the inexpensive material, and now many PVC bag factory can produce good PVC bags and other products, so that do not worry about the price.
2, pvc materials, environmental protection, packaging beautiful. PVC material is an environmentally friendly plastic material, in the case of today to promote environmental protection, the use of an environmentally friendly material that you seem very level, and pvc bags not only inexpensive, but also more ornamental than before the old traditional packaging .
3, PVC material itself have the advantage. This material has a high strength and plasticity strong characteristics, application to packaging products, is very handy for gift wrapping is a big change.
4, and change the color of the painting printing process for imparting PVC zipper bag charm is reflected in its ornamental and advocacy, even low-cost goods, which manufacturers may also be used to manufacture PVC material, then show in it will be in front of beautifully ornate and packaged goods, improve product quality. Meanwhile printed PVC bags product information and corporate information, also known as a propaganda tool to effectively expand and enhance their visibility.
PVC packaging bags have become the best gift bags, why do not you customize a fine PVC bags for your products?

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